The most productive lockdown band in Southend? HIGH/LOW deliver their 4th EP in 4 months!

After the success of their last album 'Down The Wave', HIGH/LOW were not about to let something as insignificant as a global pandemic stunt their productivity. They've just released their 4th EP this year with 'Milk Moustache'. Their first one 'Ham Grenade' came out in June!

It's so refreshing to see these 90's grunge experts flourishing during this time. They've literally said "stick COVID-19 up your arse" and provided us all with a beautiful collection of delicious meaty treats. And I really do mean beautiful. Check out their full discography, the artwork alone is incredible.

This is all building to the release of their next album 'Cyclops', due for release in December. Keep on serving the goods boys, we're happy to keep drinking these grunge daiquiris way past the 10pm curfew. 🤘

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