In Earnest pour their hearts out with their debut EP

Truth be told: I really should have written this a good few weeks ago. Lockdowns really sap your energy don't they? Despite this, I was so excited when I discovered that in earnest were releasing their self titled debut in October.

Carousel were one of Southend Who's stand out Americana acts from the Southend Music Scene, but when they called it a day, I was relieved when Tom & Sarah (Southend's ultimate folk power couple) announced that they were to continue making music with long time friend and multi-instrumentalist Toby Shaer. So I was surprised (pleasantly I might add) that with in earnest, the project is a much more subtle and intimate affair. Of course folk is all about the storytelling, but the subject of mental health is a recurring theme here.

One thing that really stood out to me was a couple of back to back call and response tracks, something I don't think I've heard before. Sarah sings about the pressures of self esteem and how we are perceived to others on 'Put Me Under', whilst Tom immediately follows up on 'Come Upstairs' with a reassuring message of support, but ultimately expressing just as much a sense of hopelessness as the previous. Each of the tracks ultimately end with a message of optimism, all wrapped up in the reassuring warm hug of beautifully warm musicality. It really is quite something.

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Mikey Glenister

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