Beckie Margaret's latest single 'Divine Feminine' is a masterclass in how to deliver true epics.

One of the best moments from 2019 for many people was Beckie Margaret's standout performance on the Main Stage at Village Green Festival. With promises made that a new album was in the works, we were very excited for the prospect of this. If Beckie could capture even a fraction of the tour de force displayed on this day, we knew we were all in for a treat.

Thankfully with Beckie's second single 'Divine Feminine', the excitement we had was absolutely warranted. The word 'epic' gets thrown around very loosely in music journalism, but in this instance, calling this track epic is totally justified. Beckie's real strength is how much restraint she shows in her delivery, yet still delivering great impact with each line. Set over an industrial soundcape, her lyrics show a slightly vunerable side to her in the set up, but this song is ultimately a battlecry, reminding you to not take any shit from anyone whilst you shoot for your goals. It's impossible not to feel empowered after listening to this.

'Divine Feminine' is out now on Cool Thing Records.