5 Awesome Southend Tracks You May Have Missed During Lockdown

Having just brought Southend Who back from the ashes, it occurred to us that there was a lot of epic music that we simply didn't cover. Criminally so. With this in mind, here's a handful of seriously awesome tracks that kept us sane when we were confined to our homes throughout 2020.

1) Lydia Kitto - Alone

It had been quite a while since we heard new tracks from Lydia Kitto, with her being an incredibly busy bee playing with the likes of Club Kuru and Southend's very own Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. But behind the scenes, she was cooking up this delightful lo-fi jazz beauty. 'Alone' made the long lockdown days feel like a light summer breeze. She truly is one of the most gifted multi-instrumentalists in Southend. We missed you Lydz!

2) Darrah - Carole Baskin was an Inside Job

This track came out of nowhere. When everyone was losing their shit over The Tiger King, Mike Darrah immediately decided to write a song about the hit show. What makes this punk treat even more amazing is that Mike admitted to me in a conversation shortly after that when he wrote it, he hadn't seen a single episode. What a fricking legend.

3) Dust in the Sunlight - Dust in the Sunlight

Billy Wright and Annie Rew-Shaw were sitting on this beautifully haunting project for a couple of years before unveiling Dust in the Sunlight. Slap bang at the start of lockdown. With their Southend live debut seemingly put on hold, they did manage to deliver one of the Leigh Folk Festival's Front Room Folk Festival highlights back in May, proving that magic could happen with isolation gigs.

4) Untold Poet (feat. Megan Rose) - Pieces

A master of stripped back rap, Untold Poet surprised us all back in April when he released a track featuring Southend's fast rising country star Megan Rose.

The result is a emotive piece reflecting on the damaging effects of social media, pretty crucial during these testing times. It's the collaboration we never knew we needed. But by golly, we're glad we got it.

5) Jimmy Sharp (feat. Matt Linnen) -The Line

A couple of things happened for Jimmy Sharp in 2020. Firstly, he rebranded from his previous alias Orlean to his own name. Secondly, he collaborated with fellow Southend pop maverick Matt Linnen to create this absolute gem of a track. Good things happen when mates make music. Thank you gents.

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